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Wonderful and she has nice sense of humour. Looks considerably sexier than photos. Friendly chatty and sexy great girl! Highly recommended.
Review submitted by Riley on 6/24/2016

Andrea is just amazing....... it is like being in those kind of movies ... And better !!!!!
Review submitted by Scot on 18/04/2016

Livy is absolutely amazing, took my breath away with her gorgeous face and her boobs, just wow! I have never experienced anything like it.
Review submitted by Toby on 20/02/2016

What a girl! Took Adora for a dinner date in Knightsbridge and she was great fun, easy to talk to and actually very clever. Went back to my hotel afterwards and that was even better, when she took her clothes off i was amazed at how good she looked.
Review submitted by Richard on 07/02/2016

Samira is super sexy and showed me a really good time. One to remember
Review submitted by Rob on 28/12/2015

Healing Hands


Julia was experienced enough and was used to doing all kinds of thing on her in-call and out-call appointments as a London escort. Sheíd found herself being taken in all sorts of angles in all sorts of ways, with sex toys, with other escorts and clientís partners as duo and couples. Overall she had pretty much seen and done it all in her time.


Today however was out of the blue and definitely something different. Adam, her client, was lying on the bed in the young escortís apartment in Paddington. Laying completely naked he had asked for her to remain fully dressed, something that was a bit of a surprise to Julia.



"So, what can I do for you today?" enquired the sexy escort


"Is it okay if you just use your hands?" asked Adam. "I love the feel of a girlís hands on my cock. Start off nice and slowly though."

"Sure, are you positive you donít want me naked?"

"Positive." Adam laid back and shut his eyes. His floppy cock was still lying there. It was as if it was demanding the escort to make it come. Not only this but she wasnít able to use some of her favoured techniques such as a bare back blow job. There would be no load spurting into her mouth, as sucking the cock was out of bounds.

Luckily she had a few more tricks up her sleeve. She reached over and picked up her dressing gown, she swiftly removed the cord and got rid of the rest of the gown. Using the cord she gently looped the thick cord around the base of Adamís cock and knotted it, ensuring with him that it wasnít too tight. His cock instantly began to harden and grow.

Using both her hands she grasped his shaft and started to gently play with, caressing it softly and working her way up until she reached the top, when she did she fingered and stroked the swelling glans. As she did, a tiny drop of pre-cum soaked through her fingers, she placed the tips of her thumb and forefinger halfway down his shaft and began to pull back very gently. Using slow, long strokes Julia worked the cock as it grew harder and harder. Julia was enjoying using her sexy skills to her clientís pleasure and that was satisfaction enough for Julia.

Adam opened his eyes and diverted his eyes towards Juliaís chest, he begun to run his hand over the young escortís pert 34C breasts.

"Shall I take my top off for you now?" Julia asked.

"Hmm, yes - I think that would be nice."

Without even altering the rhythm of her strokes on his rock hard cock, Julia whipped her top over her head and undone her lacy red bra with one hand. Her lovely, soft breasts were let loose and she felt Adamís hand venturing all over them. Reverting her attention to her own task in hand, she altered her position on his cock. She wrapped her palm around the thick shaft to give the feeling of her own tight pussy, which was becoming wetter and wetter. Pumping from her wrist she would give the occasional squeeze which was always met with a groan of pleasure.

Adam was moaning and gasping, and Julia was feeding off this pleasure and getting rather excited herself. Now it was time to show Adam a trick she knew. She stopped working the shaft and moved her hand right to the base of his cock. Gently she pulled back his foreskin all the way so the skin on his cock was tight, her thumb and forefinger keeping the skin taught while the remaining fingers stretched down to rest on his balls.

Carefully, she licked the thumb and forefinger of the other hand and placed them either side of his shaft between the purple glans and the top of the pulled-back foreskin. "Right Adam, Iím about to 'Open the bottle', itís a trick all the best escorts know".

Keeping up a gentle pressure on the of his cock, the elite escort began to mover her lubricated thumb and forefinger backwards and forwards, as if screwing and unscrewing the top of a bottle. Fast at first, she began to slow down as Adamís pleasure increased and he began to groan. Knowing that this technique was best done slowly and firmly as the client came.

Not long after Adam did exactly that, sensing the moment was coming, Julia leant over just in time to catch the fountain of cum on her face and boobs, she sat up again so that it ran down and started to gather on her nipples. Meanwhile Adam, had nearly passed out from the sheer pleasure heíd just experienced.





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