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Amazing girl..Amazing OWO. she is an expert and really puts in all the effort to pls you..totally worth it..
Review submitted by Vik on 8/4/2017

The Perfect diner date. Funny, smart and a really nice girl. The conversation was great and i really enjoyed the time we spent together
Review submitted by Casper on 6/05/2017

About time a girl was as up for Alevel as me. Maggie a great girl and really had some dirty moves
Review submitted by Mohammed on 5/30/2017

Dominate me again Crystal, I need to see you again
Review submitted by Paul on 5/26/2017

Dani looked so sexy in a school girl uniform. A bucket list item ticked off there
Review submitted by Jonty on 5/25/2017

Office Surprise


James was a hard worker, he arrived in work everyday at 7am sharp and it was only on the rare occasion he would leave before 8pm. Throughout the day he hardly ever took a lunch break, not only dealing with his own workload but ensuring nothing else needed doing. Even his boss couldnít get him to calm down and relax. James even admitted to being a workaholic.


"James, this canít carry on" said his boss, "Iím going to show you a good time, you need to have some fun, ok?" With that the boss left the office.

That night, James was working later, and was the last staff member in the office, surrounded by darkness except for his desk lamp. James was at his desk getting worked up about a deadline that needed to be met later that week, when he suddenly tensed up as he felt hands on his shoulders. He immediately recognised them to be female hands, and they slowly went to work massaging his shoulders and running through his hair.


Looking around James was met by a stunning blonde, who looked no older than 22.

"Who are you?" James enquired.

"Iím Cassie; I work for Mayfair Girls escort agency. Your boss decided you needed a treat, and I am that treat. Do you like oral sex?"


Stunned by the question, James couldnít find an answer and by the time he could the elite London escort had spun his chair round and had dropped to her knees. Starting to fumble with his belt, Cassie soon managed to pull his trousers down around his ankles. Within seconds Jamesí cock was in her mouth, as she was giving him a sensation to remember. With everything happening so quick James didnít even have the chance to get properly hard and he was only semi-erect as Cassie started working his shaft in her mouth and after two long, deep sucks James become rock hard. Sensing her oral skills were doing the trick, Cassie stood up and dropped her long coat to reveal her perfect body underneath, completely naked except for a pair of crotchless panties which James instantly noticed and couldnít hide his smile of approval. Dropping back to her knees the sexy London escort took his cock deep in her mouth a few more times, caressing his balls as she did so, sensing the heights of James enjoyment she decided that was enough and stood back up.


Only then did James truly take in the sheer perfection that stood in front of him, Cassie had 34D breasts, shimmering blonde hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes. With her pert breasts came glorious perky nipples drawing in Jamesí attention before his eyes moved down and admired her cute, peachy ass. He reached out and grabbed her cheeks and pulled her in closer, as she straddled his leg he could feel her juices running out of her crotchless panties and onto his thigh. Feeling that she was losing control Cassie decide to reassert her authority and tore open his jacket and shirt and pushed him backwards so he was strewn across his desk, facing the ceiling. Within an instant she had rolled a condom down his long shaft and guided his cock insider her tight throbbing pussy as she jumped on top of him.


Cassie rode him, cowgirl style Ė using all her usual techniques to deliver pure ecstasy to her client. Slowly lifting herself off his cock before pushing herself back down forcefully then rotating her hips as her huge breasts swung from side to side with every rotation. Using her pussy muscles Cassie squeezed her lips around Jamesí hard cock, he reached up and start toying with her nipples as they stood to attention as he caressed them through his finger and thumb.


The busty blonde willing to do anything to ensure her clients satisfaction paused and reaching down slipped her hand around Jamesí shaft and eased him out of her wet pussy. Moving up slightly she set about inserting his cock between her tight arse cheeks and lowered down once again. James thought her pussy was tight but her arsehole was the tiniest of holes, and James thrust deep inside making Cassie gasp and moan with pleasure.

As he thrust into her arse, he began to reach between her thighs seeking her clit, working his fingers round and round her clit, he could tell by her sparkling smile that she approved. As he begun using his fingers to pinch her clit, Cassie squealed with pleasure as the mixture of pain and pleasure generated total ecstasy. In response to this she clenched her arse muscles so tight James let out a momentary yelp.

Cassie could tell that James was close to cuming and with James still vigorously working her clit she was heading the same way. Her legs begun to shudder as a deep tingling took over her body and her whole body tensed up in pleasure, with James cock still deep between her cheeks this led him to simultaneously climax with Cassie as they both screamed out in ecstasy. As Cassie lifted herself off James, he laid back on his desk, exhausted. Cassie proceeded to play with his rock hard cock, James was certainly feeling a lot more relaxed now.





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